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Pilgrimage to St Chad's Well

The well is traditionally dressed towards the end of July by local villagers.

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On Saturday 22nd July at 2.30 pm there will be a Blessing of the Waters at St Chad's Well in Chadkirk near Stockport. Full details are given for download here:

pilgrimage to st chads well 22 july
Download PDF • 1.69MB

The linked PDF includes instructions for those who would like to walk from St Aidan's (starting 9.30am). Others may simply gather at the well for the short (20 minute) service. Please bring your own bottle to collect holy water from the well.

Chadkirk (literally the church of St Chad) is a beautiful country venue so you may like to bring a picnic. The disused chapel, now run by the Council, is across the road. Access by car is possible down a narrow lane but unless you have mobility issues, the well is a very short walk from the approach car park.

St Chad is traditionally associated with this well. His episcopal area of Mercia covered most of the north west and the Midlands. His stop over in the Stockport area is witnessed by place names that refer to him, eg., Cheadle and Chadkirk. For more information on this western Orthodox saint, consult this page:

Holy St Chad pray to God for us.


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