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Please do not use the DONATE button if you are a member of St Aidan's Church. 
If you are a member of our parish and wish to give, please contact Fr Gregory instead.

Welcome to St Aidan's!

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This Celtic knot is an ancient western Orthodox symbolic representation of the Holy and Life-Giving Trinity, one God by essence in three hypostases (persons).  Trace the trefoil (the hypostases) and the circle that binds them together.

Church Services

Saturday Great Vespers at 5.00 pm


Sunday Matins (Orthros) at 9.00 am


Sunday Divine Liturgy at 10.15 am

Midweek Services as announced

Confessions: Sunday 9.00 am to 10.00 am (no appointment necessary) 

Spiritual Counselling and Guidance by appointment

Bible Study

Weekly Bible Study by Zoom on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. Contact Fr Gregory if you wish to attend. We are currently studying the Gospel of St Mark.

3 year Course in Orthodox Christian Faith.  Come when you can!  

Saturday weekly from 3pm to 4pm followed by tea and biscuits with Q&A and discussion until 4.30pm.



"The Apostle" Magazine

Sermon Audio Podcasts (20 October 2010 to 19 June 2021)

Sermon Video Broadcasts (from 3 September 2023)

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