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Registered Charity No. 1029085

This parish trust covers everything we do in the parish both in terms of our mission, our service and our finances.  It is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales and all its activities and accounts are available for public scrutiny,  See here for details.


Christian giving in the parish vests in the trust, as does the copyright of all materials that we publish, including the E-Quip Course.  The church building is also owned by the trust. When you donate through this site you are also giving to the trust, so be sure to let us know when you do this if you pay UK tax then we can claim Gift Aid on your gift.


The Trust's patron (as in the name) is St Theodore of Tarsus and Canterbury.  St Theodore is also the patron saint of our Archdiocese.  More can be learned about this saint here. 

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