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Meet Our Team



His Eminence Metropolitan Silouan

Archbishop of the British Isles and Ireland, our first resident bishop since 2016.  |  Tel: 07834 170100


Parish Priest

Archpriest Gregory Hallam

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Serving God by His grace and to the best of my ability!  |  Tel: 07780 970884


Assistant Priest

Fr Emmanuel Kahn

Fr Emmanuel was born in the US, raised in Judaism, came to the UK, became a Christian and moved from Roman Catholicism to Orthodoxy a number of years ago.  He is a science writer specialising in zoonotic diseases.  |  Tel: 01925 721206

deacon daniel profile.jpg

Assistant Priest

Fr Daniel Codreanu

Fr Daniel, originally from Romania, was ordained to the priesthood by Metropolitan Silouan on 23rd July 2023.  |  07846 290800


Parish Deacon

Fr Deacon Alexey

Fr Deacon Alexey contributes important diaconal services to our ministry team.

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