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"The Third Hour" in memory of Sylvia

This song for Pentecost (The Third Hour) and in memory of Kh. Sylvia, the wife of our assistant priest, Fr Emmanuel Kahn, has been composed and sung by John Bartholomew (Brad) Wilson, a member of our choir at St Aidan's. Sylvia reposed in the Lord on the feast of Pentecost 2021.


Something like tongues of fire

Came down through the air

Calling all hands together in unity, in reverie and in faith

A still voice was crying

I heard it somewhere said

They cast lots for his garments, a robe of scarlet thread

I read in ancient writing, from the good book on the shelf

That the only death with dying, was a death to oneself

And it all becomes so clear

At about the third hour

The fire came, down, down X2

And we remember Sylvia at Pentecost

Something like tongues of fire came down through the air

Chorus repeat x 2


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